whump prompt list. A scene in a confessional where the priest makes a confession. Here’s a whump list for a bunch of them. Description: unconscious from last episode, has a seizure, heart stops, CPR. There are 30 official prompts this year - one for each day of the month - which can be used, skipped, or combined. Post Ragnarok whump with the lines “nice feathers” “cow”. into a collapsed building, rough. A little later, the whumpee wakes up, but the …. A scene in which characters whisper. maybe they find out later and try to break them out maybe they're a nurse and end up taking care of them forced to sign an nda and given a job at hero hq to keep things quiet whump whump prompt villain whump villain whumpee hero whumper civilian caretaker. i'm in the mood for platonic/best friend whump today folks. Now these are the whumpiest whump episodes I could think of. There’s so much whump in the fantasy genre that’s amazing but how about some simple fiction: The Ryder Creed Series by: Alex Kava. #whump #whump community #whump prompts #whump prompt #hurt/comfort #writing #loki #thor #tom hiddleston #chris hemsworth #angst #bucky barnes #tony stark #steve rogers #stony #stucky #thorki #ao3 #captain america …. Chapters three and four are now posted for my heartbeat prompts fic! Each chapter uses a different character's POV and the theme is looking for a heartbeat. I’ve put together a list of whump prompts for every day of February! It’s for myself, but anyone who sees this list and wants to use the prompts can absolutely do so! The official Prompt List, Event information, and FAQs are all transcribed below the cut. But something is threatening the peace in the town - Gaia memories, which turn people into monsters. When it’s over, they collapse as their heartrate is through the roof and their head is spinning. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna whumper whumpee whump prompt defiant whumpee breaking broken whumpee whumpee breaking. I will now share my first whump prompt after being encouraged to do so. Isle of the Damned this place was called in the invaders' tongue; it's old name had long faded from living memory. Anonymous said: 19, 16, 13 from the Whump List with President Loki? Answer: I reblogged that more to just share than to get prompts - I’m still open for my smutty dialogue ones lol - but let’s Nobody is a Villain in Their Own Story …. Whump, bromance, drama, angst caregiving, and hurt/comfort. cw: mouth stitched shut (fairly graphic), slavery whump, forced relationship, defiant whumpee, creepy/intimate and …. " Allied 2 Clump of Whumps "Rooowr, teehee. I will be writing for the Witcher fandom, because this is my current rabbit hole and the one fandom that inspires me the most. The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson : “Basically there’s a lot of whump to go around for all the characters but Fang gets a fair share of it and boy, is it amazing. Header by SuperiorTheSandwing on Deviantart. As such, alternative work can be posted on the day of the prompt they are replacing, but under the alternative prompt tag (see below for examples). 1,400 Rating: K Characters: Ichabod Crane, Abbie Mills Genre: Ichabod Whump Spoilers: Episode 1x3 For The Triumph. I knew that I loved all sorts of break-your-heart stuff and all-the-characters-die-in-the-end stuff, but it wasn't until I found a whump dialogue prompt list screenshotted from Tumblr to Pinterest. DAY 8: “hey, hey, this is no time to sleep”. Tropes: Pet whump, royal whumpee, slightly suggestive whump, sadist whumper, (urban) fantasy whump. Just reblog and tag @whumpers-monthly or DM your posts. 29 Day Whump ChallengeI've put together a list of whump prompts for every day of February! It's for myself, but anyone who sees this list and wants to use the prompts can absolutely do so! And please. I'm not a fan of surface-level whump and I love recovery. People don’t really get why Whumpee is so prickly and distant. When you’ve been too kind to your whumpee you make them suffer<3. pan2fel Whump Prompt Challenge Fanficpedia FAQs Tags Rec List. List established as of 3x13, series complete as. tag list: @stxckfxck @sxftrat @galaxywhump @simplygrimly @lonesome-hunter @as-a-matter-of-whump @whumpinparis @legallylibra @pretty-thoughts-and-a-pen @spookyboywhump. and puts everything on the line to keep him safe. Memories Are Forever (Part 2) - Season 2, Episode 24 : Shot in the back, bleeding. since ive been lurking, i havent had the chance to. Cw: whipping, legalized slavery, multiple whumpers, lady whumper, mild forced stripping (waist up), manhandling, noncon touching (nonsexual) "Mother!". 5M ratings March of the Whumps Prompt List. Here are 10 ideas for your 10 list: 10 favorite books. Jan 17, 2022 - Explore Just An Author's board "Prompts - Whump", followed by 226 people on Pinterest. Posts; Ask away! Submit your ideas! Archive #20. A scene inspired by this photograph. I'd like to do whumptober prompts from past. Also, this is my side blog, and you can find my …. I've wanted to post prompts and drabbles and stories for a while and now I am! Whump mostly but also other stuff. p skydive kpop kpop whump asian whump korean whump kwhump. Trail 1 is all about that sweet blood and gore!. [Return To Main Master List] ★ Forever Meals (imagine-prompt, slavery, dehumanization, pet-play, pet whump, referenced abuse, dismemberment) ★ Well Fed (imagine-prompt, blood-drinking, feeding, starvation, force …. Taking a character and putting them through physical and/or mental torment and is typically followed by the same character being treated for their traumas. Fluffy Prompt List "I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. They feel a stabbing pain and look down to see the blood dripping down from the middle of their legs. [Team Leader] glares back, gritting. *** I do take writing/prompt requests for things other than my personal series! If you would like to see something, just drop me an ask! Blossoms in Stone Master List (escaped pet, recovery whump, on hiatus) Abducted Master List (alien whumper / human whumpee, captivity whump, on hiatus) Claire & Lyssa Master List (bonded pets, on hiatus). It's not like they can, anyway… (If you use these as pompts please tag me cuz I wanna see! 殺). Whumptober Day 22 – Tangled – Drugged. ) Timepunk: Advanced technologies develop in a historical (or future) period, which changes the associated society, fashion, and magic. He looked so awed by him, and the reaction had been instant, and he didn’t understand why. The hero discovers just how the authorities are “interrogating” the villain. He pushes you against the stone wall, and it makes you shiver. not whump ooh I'll participate! or at. Whumpee twitched in the bindings on the chair they were tied to, wrists raw as the evidence of how long they battled against them fruitlessly. Trailing the alleyway walls to steady themselves. I am now on Insta: darkling_whitecollar_fiction - follow me :). Synonyms for whump in Free Thesaurus. If you use one of my prompts please tag me!. Here’s my oc whump story: Hobart. i also really love the mental. The scenes in episode 17 are so long and so precious to my heart that I didn't want to cut them and made three parts of them. Tag list: @firewheeesky @myfriendcallsmeasickwoman19 @myst-in-the-mirror @whumpawink @painsandconfusion whump drabble gunplay whump writing scared whumpee intimate whumper creepy whumper fear of death off-screen murder chin tilt angst my writing. To pay what’s due (Tw: noncon drugging, noncon touch - both sexual and not, verbal abuse, multiple whumpers, humiliation whump) 4. Nice hurt scene and everyone being worried. DAY 2: “i can’t take this anymore”. A collection of alphabet whump prompts. Steve grumbled but stood up to face him. This International Whump Day, we asked long-time whumper and fanfic librarian Ace to help us celebrate by recommending us fifteen of her favorite Daniel Jackson whump fics. For prompts go to @promptsforyourwhumpfic. #dialogue prompts #whump #whump prompts #whump dialogue #whump prompt list #caretaker prompts #hurt/comfort prompts #whump caretaker #scenes #dialogue #villain #sickness #platonic #partner prompts More you might like. Cw: hand whump, respiratory illness, nails cracked/removed, broken ribs, blood, some pretty detailed and disgusting foot whump, skin lesions, terrible terrible self medical treatment, reckless/ seemingly self destructive behavior, ptsd/ nightmares, abusive relationship with someone who is basically the role of Whumper, victim blaming I guess, worms. sick whump scenarios send a symbol, get a drabble. My pronouns are they/them and he/him. 4x16- badly beaten, choked, passes out, in hospital, intubated, crying. Many 0 Poison Puffcaps are featured in the artwork. To indicate the characters place in the situation they’d typically be called a whumpee (the character being hurt/comforted), the whumper (the character that causes harm and trauma), and the caretaker (the character designated the helping. A deeply cursed place where heinous acts were committed, so vile as to wake the goddesses and call them here to make it cease. ao3: mention the used prompt in your notes and add it to the ao3 collection [ here] ffnet let one of the mods know or post the. Like a character purposely hurting themselves, or psychologically abusing. Four more rockets impacted on the runways. Writing Lists, Journal Writing Prompts, Writing Quotes. Everything is tagged by whump trope, TV show, anime, drama and movie, check it out the tag list :3 Feel free to interact, I would love it!. Nic, He/they/it Queer romantic asexual. killian-whump: I’ve just made a new discovery. 2015 Breaking Creed (PTSD/caught in and explosion) 2015 Silent Creed (caught in mudslide/concussion/thinking of his SAR dogs before himself ) 2016 Reckless Creed. A prosecutor tries to prevent these dreams from happening in real life. But then instead of a pillow, Anakin’s hand hit something hard and sharp, and that was when Anakin remembered that he wasn’t actually in bed. Here, we present the full list of whumpers, along with how and when the. Synopsis: A young woman has visions through her dreams of terrible things that will happen to people in the future. I would love to be able to do the same for others. The Whump: Captain Nathan Algren Tom Cruise is an alcoholic ex-soldier haunted by memories of the travesties committed by him and his comrades while fighting alongside suicidal butcher Custer. We hope you’re as excited as us to watch the Whump Community come together once again for a month of bone-crunching creativity and collaboration! (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading. Favorite tropes: bleeding out, head trauma, bridal carrying, and dying in their arms. We hope you're as excited as us to watch the Whump Community come together once again for a month of bone-crunching creativity and collaboration! (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading. Yes those little no's they always get me. It was a few months ago, I was scrolling Pinterest for writing prompts. A handy list of poisons for writing reference, provided to you by me, Bella. wish there was a non rude way to be like “I understand your criticism, I don’t even necessarily disagree with it, but I am doing these things on purpose, because I like them and I want to, and therefore your opinion has no value, because you might think me painting a room entirely pink is tacky, but I did it on purpose”. I reply and like with my main blog @edgemetalsharp [NSFW at times]. I decided to participate in Inktober by writing one-shots based on this fabulous list of "Inktober Whump Prompts" by @whumpreads. See more ideas about writing promps, writing promts, writing a book. The pet whump agenda — Masterlist but it's only my main. still losing my mind over this dialogue exchange i mean its not phenomenal or anything but the fact that its in an 80s kids movie hits different i guess 😭 not to mention that this is nabi's argument and part of the mel/jin dynamic in a nutshell lolol whump whump prompts whump prompt villain whump. But there is a good deal of both emotional and physical whump. ” Malcolm’s voice is barely audible from beneath a pile of blankets, the cocoon he’s created for himself, but Gil doesn’t plan on listening, anyway. theguineapig3: Tales Whump Week. 1x1 - punched multiple times in the face, collapses, badly bruised and bleeding, worried friends and family, major emotional whump, tied to chair, shot with darts. So have a sick Sephi after being forcefed Mako. “I want you to do what humans are best at. Chandler, Shadow of the Templar) #30363c. **Do Reblog But Don't Repost**— GIF/video requests are welcome. WARNINGS: Implanted chip, Held hostage, Brief mention of injuries (concussion), Injections. So begins the most hardcore game of Hide and Seek. “I can’t go without you again, i can’t. Day 4: Whump (alt prompt 3) @codywanweek This is fanart for a WiP Handdrawnisopach is writing based on an idea I had. Welcome to the Ten Trails Whump Challenge! (And. Joel makes his rounds of the facility, not seeing a single soul. Whump Blog — Whump Masterlist Because I finally figured out. Now I want a scene between Daehyun passing out and waking up because I imagine Himchan had to carry him back. OCTOBER APPROACHES! And so does Whumptober 2019!Feast your eyes on this year’s gut-wrenchingly glorious Prompt List, and get inspired to create some killer content starting October 1st. Mar 6, 2020 - Explore Cassiopeia Almstedt's board "Whump Prompts" on Pinterest. I hope this is OK, anon! Please do let me know if you would like anything changed. This is my second go at making this blog. Honor bound: published, available on Amazon here. Maybe kinda niche but I hate whump prompts where theres they/them pronouns used for all the characters but then suddenly the whumpee gets referred to as "she" once. 45 Dialogue Angst Prompts List. thank you especially to that one person who decorated clown biscuits - you understood the spirit. Asks are always open for questions, comments, head canons, or requests! I’ll write drabbles, tropes, prompts, etc etc. Whump Prompt Generator - Whump Prompt Generator. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. KDrama Whump Ranking List Here is a list of all my favorite whumpy Kdramas. I think this is gonna be so much fun, I. episode 2 [15:30-19:45]: Bei Jie finds Ping Ting washed up on the riverbank wounded, wrapped in the cloak of his nemesis, and wearing a hair pin which identifies her as his long-lost first love. All fictional content published between October 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2020 is eligible. Whump isn't for everyone but I applaud you for asking kindly and being willing to learn. Author: NYWCgirl Fandom: White Collar Pairing: None Characters. 76 OTP prompts list thingy. "Can you hear me? Do you know what day it is? Your name?" 2. They have to deal with foreign fishermen poaching fish, smugglers and with political unrest in a neighbouring island state. The Whumpapedia on Tumblr The Whump Community Directory Defining Whump - meta discussions collected by tumblr user justwhumpythings dealing with what whump is and what it means to us all. Love Me If You Dare - the opening scene is the lead character bloody and in chains. this is from that prompt list so i wrote more than five send me the first sentence of a story and I'll write the next five, or a prompt from this list for a drabble! (for pson or generic whumpee/whumper) x "You can go. A Daffodil like No Other Multiple Prompts "Please" ☕ "Stop" ☕. The Neal!Whump Master List - Part 2 tj_teejay & kanarek13 PS: Not sure what to tag this since most tags listed apply and I didn't want to use them all. The whumpee is forced to take stimulants in order to stay awake to finish the mission. " "Yup! I got a different brand!" - the villain beamed. Whump prompts: fever edition - pale skin with a sheen of sweat, eyes unfocused - flushed cheeks, lips cracked and bleeding - lying very still with his eyes open and unseeing, too out of it to do anything else Welcome to the Sicktember 2021 prompt list! Sicktember is a month-long, multi-fandom prompt event that is taking place in September. This is set in the same universe as my series “And Still”, which you can find the masterlist for here. Throw fistfuls of sand and rocks at them. (Given the nature of flashbacks, entries are listed in chronological order by the overall timeline, not necessarily by episode number. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ;. I mean, I know how to knit hats…”. Here's a whump list for a bunch of them. This is a collection of all pet-related prompts or Master/Sub Prompts. Second, I didn't feel like static pictures really showcased the whump in the episode. Arthur rolled his neck, pushing sweat-soaked hair up his forehead and out of his eyes. The handwriting, the tulips, and the familiar warmth ran down James' back. The whump community is a multimedia community and sometimes I wish that wasn't forgotten. because my list of whump writing is getting longer and longer and i had to make a new one. The rest of us are just here to find out what is going on and perhaps make useful suggestions about how to make the hanges as. Strapped to a table; Examined; Dragged out of their cell/room; captivity whump, and im a sucker for a large array of cliché prompts. " "Put on me mask, secure me tail, start the day!" Allied 1Teemo Teemo: "Another day in the field!" Chump Whump: "I'll pick 'em, you plant 'em, kid. They don’t leave a fight with a handful of injuries and come back a day later with stitches and a spry attitude. I reblog lots of gifs, videos, and the occasional fic or trope - mostly the content that gives me whumperflies. General cw (individual on each chapter): slave whump, creepy whumpers, multiple whumpers, female whumper, restraints, manhandling, conditioning, whipping. I make whump GIFs [#my gifs] + video clips [#my videos] and re-blog whump/other stuff that I'm into. ” // submitted by @aliciaaanne14. “Would you know the end if you saw it?”. It will get written eventually, even if it gets posted next October. I’m looking forward to seeing the different directions people take the prompts, so please tag @themerrywhumpofmay and #the merry whump of may if you fill any of the prompts, as well as tagging the Title (for example, for day 1 - #don’t hold your. Whumpee: De-you played by Li Xian. Picture this - Evocative imagery to stimulate your imagination including non-character specific peices of whump writing to imagine your characters in. I didn't originally plan to write Patty for chapter 4 but I think it might be my favourite so far. net and can be found on the links above or with the author name wolfypuppypiles. Rules: Every day has a prompt that links to a tv tropes page, but you don't have to follow it exactly—just follow the spirit of the trope, and it works!. DISCLAIMER: all the credits go to the original creators of these prompts. BLM Quin black 20 cottage core enthusiast a simp for men and women 3x my age Main: @badass-dora-milaje Posts; Lemme know what's on your mind!. It will also be the place where we showcase the fics from this challenge. Read Whump prompt #12 from the story Irondad Oneshots by stardancer5 with 7,603 reads. Whumpee gets pulled from partner to partner. The Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson : "Basically there's a lot of whump to go around for all the characters but Fang gets a fair share of it and boy, is it amazing. , only to feel a sinking guilt when it makes Whumpee flinch and turn, their sleep now agitated and less restful. generate a prompt! your prompt is:. whump whump prompt whump prompts whump scenario mistaken identity betrayal unrecognizable whumpee whumper caretaker angst failed escape re-captured on the run too late disguise. I wrote both male and female whumpees. “No no no no no! I can’t be here! I need to. a rejected prompt, febuclown was the forgotten child of the febuwhump event, but my personal favourite part of the month. See more words from the same year. 5M ratings Source: whumptober2021 whump whumptober2021 whumptober eventinfo2021 promptlist2021 prompt list FAQs event info. Carlos has been undercover for three months when TK gets the call. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. They wake up with bruises, black eyes, contusions. The Whump Community Directory! Finding new blogs to follow - especially blogs with your favourite types of content - can be tricky. A finds B, still fuming from the meeting, beside [Whumpee]’s bed. A hug to soothe the nightmares. It used to be "whump vampire" cus I love bloody whump but I changed the heading. For @febuwhump Day 9: Kidnapped. So far you can get 3 types of prompts! moody/sassy whumpie, sad/bad with pain whumpie, and randomized prompts! (most likely you'll get moody ones, since thats the one I wrote most of, lol. Safety item like a blanket or stuffed animal. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei - soo much emotional whump, but some wonderful physical whump as. Level of obsession with whumps: inject them directly into my veins. This is a roll call, I'm very curious too see how many Whump Blogs their is on the hellsite. Delirium, unconscious, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, pneumonia, grabbed by the hair, cradling someone in their arms, blindfolded, you can scream all you want, kind restraints, parting words regret, hand gagging, slammed into a wall, mercy killing, hostage video, part 24, no-holds-barred. So this blog is an empire ruled by whump. You can just pick any episode and and your whump cravings shall be satisfied. The whumpee is finally rescued. They drop their bag at the door, kick off their shoes, and let the weight of illness down upon their shoulders, pulling their body down, down, down, until. A fight scene should be fast-paced and intense. It's just better to run away and be the only one hurt by the whumper. (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading Source: whumptober2021 whump whumptober2021 whumptober eventinfo2021 promptlist2021 prompt list FAQs event info. I Guess This Is My Life Now — 25 Whumpee Dialogue Prompts. In 2018, Tumblr user @the-whumpy-fangirl suggested celebrating an International Whump Day, proposing September 12th as the first of Daniel's many deaths. Dee and Ilya form a bond that cannot be broken - not by distance, time, or death. I created this mess of a blog to originally post whump prompts but I ended up completing Whumptober 2021. Things they use to safely stim. 4x14- poisoned, mind controlled, fight with Sam, stabbed in shoulder. Based off @ prompt, that @shameless-whumper has been writing for, and now everyone is making a Box Boy Universe out of it. They are hit repeatedly by the villain, and civilian onlookers are too scared to approach and free the hero, so they watch. Merlin's gotten lost a hundred times on accident. “Morning, Danny, this is a surprise,” Cath said brightly, trying to dissolve whatever trouble was going on between these two. He won't leave his chair outside the door. This series contains whump themes such as power exhaustion, memory loss, trauma, kidnapping and hostage situations, and loss of control. TV!Whump is a collection of canon whump from produced and aired episodes or creator-sanctioned. whump-for-all-and-all-for-whump liked. There will be a list of characters to choose from. One we as a community often ask ourselves and we honestly have yet to find a solid answer. Send me an ask with a whump trope/short scenario and the characters’ name and where they’re from (only fandoms, no OCs) You don’t need to give me a specific character, I can improvise with the prompt too ! There are a few tropes I’m either uncomfortable with drawing or just meh so these will be the one I’ll less likely draw : Female whump. And don’t feel shy to add anything to the list!! Also, those are all things I’ve been through so they’re from my perspective, but I tried making them as neutral as possible. "I- I can't see! I can't see anything!" 3. John lurched towards the toilet and began vomiting again. Create your pieces, post them the day of the prompt with the tag #TalesWhumpWeek, and we'll reblog them here! The Prompts. Getting roughly zero hours of sleep because I just can’t stop coughing/waking up in the middle of the night to throw up. Due to the hectic state the world is in and my own schedule there won. Ways to alleviate this include kicking against a surface, to keep blood moving in the torso, or if worse comes to worse pedalling the legs to keep …. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. WHUMP LISTS: At Eighteen (2019) Awaken (2020) Awl (2015) Bring It On, Ghost (2016). [Return to Main Master List] Caretaker Fluff (blood, blood-drinking, implied/referenced injury, implied starvation, slavery (vampire), whump, caretaker fluff, answered ask, story prompt). Whump GIFs female | 41 | This is a whump blog. There's usually a plot, but sometimes they're whumped for the sake of whump. 50 Things Your Whumpee Could Be Doing. The goal is to complete at least one trail OR ten prompts in total! Trails, prompts, and dates are as follows! Trail 1: Guts Galore Trail 1 is all about that sweet blood and gore! You can really put your whumpees through the wringer with this trail!. SO I’M HERE TO DO JUST THAT!!! The month of November will be dedicated to all things fluff and comfort. trope-wise, i'm a huge fan of anything violent, bloody, and torturous. A/N: I finally finished writing this request (I was going. "No! Don't leave me here alone!" 4. Though maybe they’re not unconscious yet. Whump Prompts: Whumpers "Caretaking" painsandconfusion: Oh I'm SUCH a sucker for Whumper administering comfort or healing. It will run on Tumblr, Pillowfort and Dreamwidth from 24th to 30th January 2022. Welcome to the Sicktember 2021 prompt list! Sicktember is a month-long, multi-fandom prompt event that is taking place in September and is focused on sick characters and their caregivers. Prompt: “Damn it, why didn’t you tell me/us?” Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader Content: angst, injury, profanity, alcohol Babyboiboyega’s Supernatural Masterlist Babyboiboyega’s Masterlist of. It just immediately ruins it all for me because it shows what gender they were imagining the whumpee to be while writing it and now I can't ignore it. Anakin woke up to hearing a dull crash in the kitchen. A masterlist full of just prompts, You can find the main masterlist here. if you choose to only do one list, that'll give you 2 days to work. Trigger warning sexual assault. The first time Sebastian meets the new David, he's kneeling in the lounge in front of the record player. World of Cardboard — Riot Kings, Page 35 prev next Tag. the link takes you to the permalink page. There are 30 official prompts this year - one for each day of the month - which can be used, skipped, or combined in any way you'd like. Спряжение vomit [ˈvɔmɪt]Глагол. In the small cell, it was nearly a gunshot. 100 Whump Dialogue Prompts 1) “No one is coming to help you. It’s not like they can, anyway… (If you use these as pompts please tag me cuz I wanna see! 殺). Whumpee barely has the strength to open their eyes when they wake up. Whump Empire — ouchthatwasgood: estelkenobi:. Whump Prompt #96 A feverish whumpee found sobbing on the floor, tangled in sheets, unable to get away. The first known use of whump was in 1897. List established as of 6x04, series ongoing. If you feel like some of your work fits the prompt just let me know, by reblogging and tagging @whumpers-monthly. Sleepy Hollow 3x03 - Blood and Fear Ichabod Crane whump ichabod whump kicked punched dragged by hair stabbed infected pain shock 74 notes May 18th, 2017 Open in app. I've been a long time lurker in the whump community, and decided it was high time for me to create a whump blog of my own to interact with y'all and share some good whump. Someday I might branch out and start writing, but for now I’ll stay as your friendly neighborhood one-stop. One of my favorite whump tropes is techie/smart member of the team and the resident badass/tough dude (I use dude as a gender neutral term) like I love all the scenarios - Tech person getting injured and having to provide instructions to resident badass because they have no idea what they’re doing. “I wish that I was what you wanted. This is the main reason why it’s taking so long. If I haven’t already got prompts planned for it, I’ll add it to my list. "You made it really far for being in such bad shape, you've earned a rest. Whumpee has to decide whether they need sleep or if they want to be able to protect. 93 - "I never thought I'd see you again, they told me you were dead. CURRENT OBSESSION Marvel & FFXV Kingsglaive CURRENTLY READING Tony Spark by Doodled93 Elsewhere ao3. 1x12 Hit with pulse blast and unconscious. Prompts & Short Drabbles Prompts (Feel free to use those. Favorite whumpees: Zeke Landon, Killian Jones, and Eddie Kaspbrak. whump whump tropes emotional whump chinese drama bromance suffering drama asian whumper whumper whump prompts whump ideas whump scenario. Tag list: @cupcakes-and-pain @whump-em @whumpzone @wh-wh-whu @neuro-whump @carnagecardinal @cowboy-anon @whump-me-all-night-long @redwingedwhump @myst-in-the-mirror @haro-whumps @eatyourdamnpears @bloodsweatandpotato @pinkraindropsfell @whumptywhumpdump @theydy-cringeworthy whump tropes whump prompt pet whump for days <3. Voltage Masterlist Hey guess what, thats right! Betrayal Hero/Sidekick/Villain prompt is getting turned into their own characters and story arc!!! I am super excited for this one because I have so. Whump List: Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI - 1980) Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii (Part 2) - Season 1, Episode 2 : Shot in the left shoulder/upper chest (very bloody/in pain) Skin Deep - Season 1, Episode 6 : Shot in the leg, bleeding heavily, self applies tourniquet. “Don’t worry, this will only hurt a little bit. 76 OTP prompts list thingy Posted by: onetruepairingideas on 9 December 2015 fluffyevans: SEND ME A NUMBER FOR A CHRIS EVANS DRABBLE BASED OFF OF THE PROMPT… Also if y'all want me to do any other Chris Evans characters I'd much appreciate it ^^ You've got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and. This is the main reason why it's taking so long. 泥 - Suggestive - Horror / / / - Seasonal (Prompts under the cut) Poems. I’ve put together a list of whump prompts for every day of February! It’s for myself, but anyone who sees this list and wants to use the prompts can absolutely do so! And please tag me if you do, I’d love to see! :D. ” “ i’m tired of laying here in this stupid bed. mess that likes whump he/him 19. It just means I haven’t checked/added it if it is. Surely he can lose a child on purpose. If something is not on the list that does NOT mean it isn't blocked. I focus on intimidation and anticipation. They will be more about emotional whump caused by Hyakkimaru's condition than whump directly to our boy himself. Hurt/comfort dialogue prompts: · “you look like you could use a hug. The injured party is the hero (who, weakened and injured, can't use his powers to get. Whump whump list tv series whump tv strong female characters tv episode lists whump episodes episode list. Whump+Found Family When the weakest one gets injured, and they all hover around them like mama hens, desperately trying to take care of them. A small sad smile came onto his bearded face for a moment before he nodded towards the door, indicating that he’d leave him and Pearl to their privacy for a while. If you can, please drop us a line to let us know you are still here. I chatter in the tags (a lot) and the tv show/movie info is buried under all that nonsense. Whumptober 2021 Alternate Prompt 8: Comfort. "All you have to do is bite down on this, I'll take care of the rest. For my first Whumptober I’m really proud that I finished 18 days of prompts, October was a busier month than I expected but I’m excited for next year! Originally posted by scarletheartzverse. Steve asked, his body in a fighting stance that had Catherine worried. The story is set somewhere after season 8. The whumpee suffocates and is knocked unconscious without access to medical facilities, and is traumatized, with comfort from their remorseful whumper. If you have a story you'd like to add to this list, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] Mandy, 21, Nerd, Sucker for whump. Medical Show Whump Catalogue (WIP) Doctors and nurses (and paramedics -turned-investigators, and rescue specialists) sometimes get hurt too. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures. I decided to participate in Inktober by writing one-shots based on this fabulous list of “Inktober Whump Prompts” by @whumpreads. It’s dark here, without the lanterns that line the main streets. a special thanks + big ol’ hugs to @whumptober2021 & @whumptober-archive for organizing. @whumpster-dumpster 's delightful prompts have carried me through many a writer's block!. Somnophilia + Incest (DF: Thomas/Harry) 2. So there’s the list! This drama had amazing whump and I cannot recommend it enough! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys this list :) 14x8- lots of emotional whump 14x13- beaten up by other time-line Cass, choked 14x14- head pain from keeping Michael locked up, head smashed against wall multiple times. 🍓 Join us in our fun summer prompt list! 🍓 Starting July 1st! 🍓 All Artists and Authors no matter what fandom are welcome to join! 🍓 We can't wait for all your fun entries! 🍓 hosts: @arctickid @ayaka-arts @constancezin @historicalley-art @keerthi-draws @kkpwnall @moondraconis @velvetrebellion. Rating & Wordcount: Teen and Up Audiences - 1K words. whumpreads: "I don't draw, but I've been thinking of doing some kind of drabble writing for Inktober instead, and since I couldn't find any whump prompt lists, I made one! If anybody wants to use it. Fluff Whumpees with Horns Short Prompts. The corner of hurt and comfort. so yeah, feel free to send me prompts, or just come talk to me about stuff! Oh, and real quick, i just wanna mention some of my favourite sickfic/whump blogs that have inspired me to make my own: @ya-nurse , @taylor-tut , @beloved-whumpage , @ithadtobesneezing , and @whumpdump !! honestly all these blogs are 10/10 perf and i would honestly bake. they've been around to help the other through every rough patch in their life. allthewhumpygoodness-Of course there are the old school weapons; swords, daggers, arrows, even more intense things like a mace, and all the repercussions of being injured by one Having said that, I think it’s a good idea to come up with a list of tags that you want to use as trigger warnings, putting the tw. ” 2) “Your screams are music to my ears. I make whump GIFs [#my gifs] + video clips [#my videos] and re-blog whump/other stuff that I’m into. sleepy hollow Ichabod Crane fanart whump kidnapping sedation. "I don't know how much longer I can take this…" 5. Non-consensual preening; Plucking large flight feathers; Broken bones; Might just mention that you listed some pretty bad stuff in your list and I’m glad you’ve survived it all! It must have been pretty bad. Do you know where I can find past prompts? Like, from 2016 onward (I read that 2016 was the first time a prompt list was made). Some of you may know my fic “Pay Day” which I wrote for the @noct-whump-week last summer! I decided to revise it and add a little epilogue. You can also send in your suggestions for prompts. Short Prompt #588 Warning: kidnapping, restraints. Steve McGarret gets shot, 20k feet in the air (Hawaii Five-O) Good whump, terrible medical scene and follow up. Taglist: let me know if you want added or removed. happy holidays my dear mystery prompter! <3. Oh plus there’s the The Cape Canaveral Caper which I had to check three times how to spell, and feats John being the …. Master List[[MORE]]Hero x Villain Snippets:Extinguish Happy Family: 1, 2 Vigilante x Hero: 1, 2, 3 Waste of Time: 1, 2, 3 Completed Static: 1, 2 An Awkward Predicament: 1, Void and Sentinel: 1, 2 The. so i wanted a multiple choice prompt list come february, and thought i’d share! feel free to do any combo of prompts for day, and interpret them as you please! i also wanted one with less ‘fluff’ options, but not an entire one filled with angst/whump. Imagine your OTP studying together, and for every question answered right, somebody has to take off a piece of clothing. Anything that has to do with ownership or scenarios based around one character owning another, is under this category. Whumpalooza, Day 5: Fantasy Whump. genuine friendship between a …. You can even link to fics you’ve posted to other platforms. But, somewhere in the middle of season 2, I just forgot to keep taking notes because I was so. • Prompt Note: – writing2reachyou / fic : 94: Dialogue prompt: Things you said at 1 a. :) I’ll be splitting this list in to possibly two parts due to fact that it is a very long list. “I’ve brought you what you wanted. I dabble in the walking dead, marvel, and Dc comics from time to time. Those tiny moments and details in whump that just make it so wonderful. To speed up your pacing, use active voice to describe movement and don't overdescribe your characters' thoughts. For my prompts/ramblings you can look through the "My prompts" and "my ramblings" tags. Fanfiction whump authors seeking to publish their work should do so on appropriate sites like Fanfiction. Warnings: Whump (mainly more hurt than comfort in this part), torture, drowning, main character set on fire, blood, crying, partial memory loss. whumper captivity whump whump story lady whump whump fic whump writing whumpblr whump tips whump ideas whump scenario whump prompt whump community whump trope. Whumper: Slow Whumpee: Sacrifical Caretaker: Awkward Prompts: roomy, baseball hat Optional: vicinity randomize. CW: minor/underage whump, implied death of pet, overall agnsty-ness. I’m a big fan of the captivity tropes - e. This is a made-for-TV movie from the 80's that realistically portrays the struggles victims of rape go through after the assault's over. 93 - “I never thought I’d see you again, they told me you were dead. Hey guys!!! Welcome to the first ever Comfortember!! Yes, whump is nice buuuuut comfort tends to kinda get glossed over and imo, the comfort afterwards is the best part of the whump. A desperate cleric slamming every healing spell so hard to bring someone back to life the ground is forced to grow plants and flowers around the body. ) Ephraim is the best cottage core vampire anyone could ask for, sweet with the neighbor Clicker: One heathen to rule them all — Whump Masterlist. 25 on the fluff prompt list please! bucky would be the world's best tickle monster 殺. it was a lot of work but truly, truly enjoyed making the gifs + editing videos. 1 (one) Prompt that's Been sitting in my prompt folder for years:. Vomiting is a common reaction to just about everything, regardless of whether or not it would fix it. In Asian dramas I have a list of amazing whump dramas. Also a huge fan of mental whump. The purpose of this alternative list is to help make completion (producing work for 31 total prompts) more accessible to those with. Currently I will mostly reblog prompts and generic whump writing, as well as post about my own ocs again when I get the writing juice back. Five Good Turns by StoneWingedAngel Summary: Five times someone working for MJN saved Martin, and one time he saved all of them. fever whump is extremely superior i think we can all agree. (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading. 3 months ago Podcast rec: Desperado. They are surprised to run into C and D, members of a rivaling crew with whom they have a history of feuds and fights. Whump Empire — New icon! I thought I’d make my whump blog. There's seemingly no way out from the inside, the room is suffocating, the air is stuffy, the fluorescent lights irritating on the eyes. Characters: Colette, Frank, Phaidra Brunel. Whump Prompts: Whumpers “Caretaking” painsandconfusion: Oh I’m SUCH a sucker for Whumper administering comfort or healing. carrying them half-asleep to bed. Rules: no domestic violence (other kinds of whump are okay), no incest (Honey x Mori, Kaoru x Hikaru), and if you want a Host x Reader pairing describe yourself a little bit personality-wise. Rape and Sexual Assault:1-800-656-4673. thank you for the prompt! i hope you like it. After a long and unpleasant hiatus, in which the grand list of all 100 whumps was lost and then found again, Whumpalooza is back for one last banzai run to the finish line before academic obligations ruin my tumblr life once more. for whumpsadaisy! This is so amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!! :D (via aosexchange). Okay so, three young adults from different parts of the world gain the powers of death gods in a fantasy modern setting. “No! Don’t leave me here alone!” 4. 17 mine t s eliot the waste land April is the cruellest month. if you click the button below, it will load a list of older versions of your generator so you can download them in case you . The prompt for this issue of whumpers-monthly is: Whipped. Whump ramblings you can call me sketch or echo! she/her, a minor (please no nsfw asks, but I'll gladly take anything else!) i like/follow from undersketchdraws (my main/art blog) I'll take whumpy art requests if you wanna send them in! mostly reblogs, …. The Whumper is back after so long to terrorize them. And there’s no way the silent girl he’s falling in love stuck here with could have deserved it either but it seems like she’s been here forever. Let my friend pick out my costume and it was a mistake. sweet innocent happy-go-lucky character that has had an extremely traumatizing past and that’s why they choose to be so happy all the time; whump tropes whump prompt pet whump for days <3. @bluebxlle_writer on Instagram. Director: Karen Arthur | Stars: Richard Crenna, Meredith Baxter, Pat Hingle, Frances Lee McCain. Tag list: @redwingedwhump, @nine-tailed-whump, @thehurtsandthecomfurts @kixngiggles, @bluebadgerwhump, @dragonheart905, @carolinethedragon, @whumpzone, @newbornwhumperfly, @cupcakes-and-pain, @much-ado-about-whumping, @winedark-whump **** Anna's mind was still half on Jak as she and Gozukk walked to the midwife's tent. // I’ve compiled a list of all the things I’ve written so far! This is originally being written on the 4th of June, 2020 // List will be updated as more is written; These are all my original works, please do not repost without giving me credit!! Series - ️. Tags : #i dont mind these kind of requests but just know that I wont draw the actual yuck x) #whump art #sick #lance #keith #vld #voltron #whump #illness #request #klance 95 notes / 2020-06-09 acantharobertslove. Cult Whump idea: Whumpee was born with wings (fantasy world with magic) and is kidnapped by a cult, believing him to be a child of their god, and must be sacrificed so that his soul is purged from it's mortal prison and returned to [god]. Blog dedicated to the whump prompt challenge. "It's not as scratchy as before. broskepol: mjscornerr: Guys I fucked up. CURRENT OBSESSION Marvel & FFXV Kingsglaive CURRENTLY READING Tony Spark by Doodled93 Elsewhere ao3, pillowfort Icon by antler_art on LJ HEADER by @mandarinabavaria. Co-Moderated by @whumperwriter ~~~General ~~~ When are prompts and results posted? Prompts: 1st of every month; Results: 1st of every next month; Is there a min/max word count? No, every length is welcome. ” “ i think my nurse is trying to kill me. Whumper's Warren of Whumpees. dyventus liked this whump-for-all-and-all-for-whump liked this. Takes place directly after Intake. A Story Prompt Idea that I’m living for ever since I thought it up (like two seconds ago) Female Protag: Girls don’t want boys. prompt-dealer: “Do you understand what happened?”. Main is @rosavirgoart, where I post (canon) stories of my own. You can even link to fics you've posted to other platforms. They are glaring at every of their teammates, daring anyone to protest. Tag List: @whump-it @spiffythespook @moose-teeth @whatwasmyprevioususername @castielamigos-whump-side-blog TW: pet whump, implied dehumanization, mute whumpee, mentions of bruises. Let's appreciate the whumpy goodness!!! — Dororo, Whump. 13x21- lots of emotional whump, cries 13x23- choked by Michael 14x4- held in a chokehold 14x4- blurry vision 14x8- lots of emotional whump 14x13- beaten up by other time-line Cass, choked 14x14- head pain from keeping Michael locked up, head smashed against wall multiple times, bleeding head, won't wake up 14x19- emotional whump, crying. fandom + pairing + prompt anyone? randomly-generated-name said: @jamcake-muses Gwindor/Finduilas and 31. Whumtober adjacent Sickfic Prompts list by @dontfeeltoohot. Omnes Vulnerant whumptober2021 prompt list masterlist legend of zelda zelink whump fanfic 125 notes Sep 30, 2021. Everyone is free to participate as much or as little as they want–there’s no completionist requirement!. 🎄Whump Advent Calendar🎄 2020 ‼️This event is already over, this blog is only an archive now‼️ It's the most wonderful time of the year and since there isn't a single naughty person in the whump community, here's a little present for every one of them who's looking for some Christmasy inspiration. Here are a bunch of common whump tropes/ whumpy things, anything I really considered to be whump-related ranging from mild to intense, bold the ones you like the most. Staples and Paperclips — Master List. hello, my fellow sniends and snovers! the time has come again to celebrate our favorite bat of the dungeons, whump edition! this year, ive decided on two (2) prompt lists! overall there will be 16 "lighthearted" spooky prompts and 15 angst prompts that will alternate every day throughout october. The first line of dialogue: "That's the guy, right there" A conversation between a white-collar and blue-collar worker. You can use these ‘off days’ to rest your creative muscles or to do a prompt from a different trail, whichever you please!. Soft, slow kisses to calm down inflamed or bruised skin, and then the kisses become even softer after the whumpee first flinches ️ (If this prompt inspires you to create your own content, please tag @whumpster-dumpster, link to this original post, or put it under the tag “whumpster prompts”). LMK if you want off the list if I ever write part 2. I know some of you sent me links this past year, but I had to reformat my harddrive a few months ago after it crashed, and I lost most of my past. Newt Scamander was known for getting himself into trouble. Public Use + Rape With An Audience (Dresden Files). the prompts this year were chosen through a suggestion poll and subsequent vote; the top 28 make up the core prompts and a mixture of the next most popular and the blog's personal favourites have become the alternates! #whump list #cha eunwoo; 25 December 2021 | 87 notes. if you choose to only do one list, that’ll give you 2 …. Mostly Martin whump… Black out problems by Anonymous Summary: Three times Martin’s inner-ear problem made him black out and need rescuing, and one time he returned the favour. Forced addiction prompt for @i-blame-my-love-of-whump-on-ryan’s birthday! Happy birthday friend, I hope you enjoy this! Warnings: forced drug addiction, withdrawal symptoms. I write Fantasy Genre whump, and sometimes a little Modern AU, all with Original Characters. ” Caretaker witheld a flinch as the vampire had crossed the room in the blink of an eye; staring face to. Alien Influence; Anxiety; Art; AU; Amnesia; Abandonment; Attacked. The official Prompt List, Event information, and FAQs are all transcribed below the cut. -hero whump and villain whump - team whump (specifically team leader) - hurt/comfort and also hurt/no comfort. The whump community is a multimedia community and sometimes I wish that wasn’t forgotten. The blood draining from the head can lead to fainting, which when the head is above the body is more likely to lead to cerebral hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the brain, skin turning blue, increased heart rate, comas and even brain death). Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post. Chump Whump: "I'll pick 'em, you plant 'em, kid. Everyone is free to participate as much or as little as they want-there's no completionist requirement!. It is a horror anthology podcast (free!!) but it has a super interesting through Line and Johnny really never stops going through it. August is pretty sure he hasn’t done anything to deserve being kidnapped and tortured. Summer of Whump 2021 Chapter 1: No1. #whump #whumpee #caretaker #whump prompt #writing prompt #alcohol whump #drunk whump #tw. Nice to meet you! I like scenarios involving siblings and other strong, non-romantic relationships. The meaning of WHUMP is bang, thump. I turned and ran for the bunker 50 yards away behind our hangar. From this prompt list here by @whump-softie. whump prompts sick fic prompt caretaker whumpee not me writing prompts based off of taking care of my sick kids again whump community whump blog. I whump Killian Jones mostly, but I really like whumping the MCU and others. After a famous author is rescued from a car crash by a fan of his novels, he comes to realize that the care he is receiving is only the beginning of a nightmare of captivity and abuse. @rosesareviolentlyread @eatyourdamnpears @badluck990 @whumpinggrounds @carnagecardinal @whump-cravings @maracujatangerine “Claire,” the woman said, tall and dark above him. Found an abandoned bag of candy outside and I want to eat . Potty Mouth Monty (Whumpmas in July Day 6, Prompt: Water) — This wasn't what Monty meant when he said he was thirsty. He was fine, just got a concussion. whump whumpee illness fever collapse exhaustion my writing. Jul 23, 2020 - Explore Vidya Kirve's board "Whump Prompts" on Pinterest. You should, if at all possible, wait until the werewolf looks like a wolf of course. Imagine person B sitting on person A’s shoulders so that they both look like a giant. I dont accept NSFW prompts, so please stop asking. This is mainly a Jamie whump list at this point, but here are a few other episodes with good whump for other characters. you have nightmare potential, caretaker stroking their damp hair and shushing them gently and …. Hello :) I’m Pim, but you can also call me Ghost. For Jay Halstead fics, there's a whumoy fanficapedia that has a whole list. Their eyebrows twitch, and their lips part under the oxygen mask. We wish you all the fun! (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading. It would make me very happy if a lot of people participated. SUMMARY: You get caught by HYDRA and Bucky rescues you, but the night after in your room an evil voice rings through your head and you discover something terrible. [14:33] Whump Linden: yes, this sort of protocol is in line with things IETF vets [14:33] Lillie Yifu: The lindens here, and some of the other people here are making parts of second life that don't exist yet, Signe. Flynn's Whump prompts Hello, I'm Flynn. Musings of sadistic delight, prompts, illustrations, and other unrelated topics. A finds B, still fuming from the meeting, beside [Whumpee]'s bed. Notes: Inspired by spicywhumper's prompt list: Work Text: 1. Well until a hand was brought to Villain’s shoulder, which caught the criminal off guard. I don't draw, but I've been thinking of doing some kind of drabble writing for Inktober instead, and since I couldn't find any whump prompt lists, I made one! If anybody wants to use it please tag me in what you make, I'd love to see! whump whumpers inktober whump prompts inktober prompts. Please note this is a list of events we compiled from memory and there’s no guarantee they will be running again this year (though we certainly hope that they will!) October Events. Your character is addicted, had been coaxed into trying it, was slipped something, or is being tortured, and a really bad high follows. I'd love to request 93 from the 100 whump list for Tarlos if possible ️. Some better than others, but many with potential for some lovely lovely whump. hello, my fellow sniends and snovers! the time has come again to celebrate our favorite bat of the dungeons, whump edition! this year, ive decided on two (2) prompt lists! overall there will be 16 “lighthearted” spooky prompts and 15 angst prompts that will alternate every day throughout october. I like OCs and prompts and bleeding, crying, fictional boys. Nothing is more glorious than reading whippings and being able to slow down time and just savor the pain. Each trail includes ten prompts related to their theme, spread out through the month of October. He was worried, the younger boy having been. But A starts feeling unwell after a trigger sets the coughing and. Anonymous said: 19, 16, 13 from the Whump List with President Loki? Answer: I reblogged that more to just share than to get prompts - I'm still open for my smutty dialogue ones lol - but let's. From passing out mid-flight (oh yeah, they can fly) from blood loss to being beaten up, there's just a lot of it. A rocket exploded on the runway about 100 yards away. Welcome to the government scandal side. whumper weekly whump prompt burn whump smoking whump whumper whumpee ciggarette cigarette burns addiction drug whump infection drug tw burns pain torture 15 notes Jan 8th, 2021 Open in app. Fluff prompt lists: Comforting/soothing dialogue prompts. caressing their body as you cuddle. " Malcolm's voice is barely audible from beneath a pile of blankets, the cocoon he's created for himself, but Gil doesn't plan on listening, anyway. Kasper cried, as he flung open the back door, descending the few stairs to the back gardens. It’s all done within the comments of the entry, but you can make your fills as long or as short as you want. Alphabetical One-Word Whump Prompts. I discovered whump had a name and wasn't just me liking weird stuff and daydreaming about my favorite characters being hurt only a few months ago, then discovered whumpblr existed, got super excited (still am, actually) and then created this blog when. 10 favorite cartoon characters. Comfort Who? Hi! Nice to see you! Call me Shea / Sand / Nobody / whatever you want, really. May the Whump be with you :) To all of you who participated last year - we have changed a few of the rules, but overall things have stayed the same. I don’t draw, but I’ve been thinking of doing some kind of drabble writing for Inktober instead, and since I couldn’t find any whump prompt lists, I made one! If anybody wants to use it please tag me in what you make, I’d love to see!. Main is @eggslovemetoo, and this is my whump blog. hospital themed starters “ stop messing with your IV. -when they hear what's going to happen to caretaker. A and B's life together is perfect. Gagging + Knotting (American Assassin) 4. MIND THE WARNINGS ON THIS ONE: mouth whump, defanging, dehumanization, restraints, forced drugging, it's not intended as torture but it is, collars, lab and med whump of sorts. bbu box boy whump box boy rescue pet whump pet whumpee whump bbu whump whumpee dehuanization tw conditioning tw whumpee thinks caretaker is new master medical whump clinical whump surgical whimp it's been a while so here's an extra-long post just Leo being in over his head full of good intentions and plenty of doubt my poor guy 49 notes Mar 7, 2022. Please don't be put off with how this list ends though, as not all is as it seems! As usual, I have put the whumpier/my favoured eps in bold as this is once again a long list (Kamen Rider always is) and thank you for waiting as this list took a LONG TIME. ” Why Not Whump — Whoomp Prompt - 7. Published on September 23, 2018 by MostlyFive0 6 Comments. Whump blog 15+ Formerly @my-dump-of-whump. Wing whump: fast becoming one of my favorites between Lucifer and Good Omens. Bang! Caretaker's shoulders tightened as the sound of metal on metal filled the space. Sherlock Whump We all love to see our favorite detective go through the wringer. Cw for BBU, pet whump, lady whumpee and lady whumper, referenced noncon (male whumper), caning. Show us what you've got, whump community! whump event amow whump events whump community whump challenge whump prompt list amow mafia madness. TV!Whump is not a FanFiction archive. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; whumpygifs. Tagging; @octopus-reactivated @writerat @onlybadendings – tw;; pet whump, torture, sensory deprivation, isolation, conditioning, non con drugging, multiple whumpers, stress position, starvation – Melon nervously watched as Master Finley left the building, leaving them alone with the receptionist ….